Coxe Park is proud to be home to a life-size statue of Benjamin Franklin and his kite. The statue was created by Agnes Yarnell in 1965 and signifies Benjamin Franklin's numerous contributions, including the discovery of electricity.

Originally commissioned in 1964 for the Franklin Institute Laboratories, the statue was on display until 1991 when the building was sold and converted into commercial space. At that time, a contractor removed the statue because of a payment dispute with the new owner. The statue was brought to Freeman's Auction House where it was placed for sale. Charles Ludwig, Esq. and Mary Kilroy discovered the statue at Freeman's and obtained a court order to have it removed from the auction block. A settlement was reached with the contractor and the statue was temporarily stored in a Redevelopment Authority garage. At a September 9, 1994 meeting, the Redevelopment Authority donated the statue to the Logan Square Neighborhood Association.

The statue had significant importance specifically to the Logan Square neighborhood. In order for the Franklin Institute Laboratories to be built, many historic Victorian homes on 20th Street had to be torn down. The statue was the 1% art exaction required by the City in exchange for the authority to develop the laboratories. The statue is a remembrance of those historic homes lost.

The Friends of Coxe Park joined together with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association to support some long overdue TLC for our beloved the Benjamin Franklin and His Kite statue. On Monday, December 3, 2012, Materials Conservation Collaborative, LLC treated the bronze sculpture.